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We are aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet so our team has taken the time and put together a list of handy resources.  

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For more information on parasite prevention, please visit: 

Worms and Germs:

Tick Talk Canada:

Please feel free to contact us at Southwood to renew your seasonal parasite protection or if you have any questions in regards to your pets risk for Ticks and other parasites. 

Parasite prevention is generally given monthly and depending on your choice of medication can cover internal and/or external parasite concerns. 

For example: Ticks like to come out when it becomes warmer outside, 4 degrees and above. They like to make their accommodation in trees/bushes and long grassy areas of parks and by rivers etc. If you like to Camp; off leash walk or hike then you may want this protection. 

Also, if you are travelling with your pet into warmer areas of the country ie. B.C. Saskatchewan, Ontario, or out of the country, your pet will need even broader parasite protection. Please contact us with your travel details to discuss.

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Pest 2 Pet - 403-669-2561

Dogma - 403-452-5400

Superdog Spectrum - 403-217-8737

Calgary Humane Society


Sit Happens - 403-295-6337

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Country Club Pet Resort

Stone Haven Kennel

Waggin' Tails Resort

Westglen Kennels

Beinnen Kennels Inc

Cat only kennels:

Cross Creek Cottage 

A Purrfect Place

A Cat's Meow    

Pet Sitting:

Please feel free to contact our office. There are many options for pet sitting.

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American Animal Hospital Association

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Pet Health Network

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A Place for Dog & Cat Lovers in Canada

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

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